Applying proven methodologies and analytical techniques from the world of critical machinery health monitoring to the field of business intelligence is a natural transfer of knowledge and skills that can add value to any business. Taking forward concepts from Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Prognostics to day to day business operations can add new value to situation awareness, data interpretation and proactive planning, enabling new opportunities for efficiency and growth.

By way of illustration, 'what does the machine operator really need to know'? In essence, it's timely and reliable information that allows action to either; 1. Inspect Something, 2. Repair Something, 3. Replace Something or 4. Do Nothing - all for an affordable price and with minimal operational overhead. The same approach can be applied to running an effective and efficient business - the business is an operationally complex machine whose health is reflected in its performance.

In an information rich and data centric world, the effective application of data exploitation is key. Prism Nova has experience of creating valuable business intelligence by setting up effective business performance dashboards with meaningful, manageable and actionable information & metrics, that add value from the shop floor to the CXO.

  • Why measure something if you are not prepared to take action on what the data tells you?
  • Are all critical activities being measured?
  • Is the right information being collected?
  • What value lies in existing data that has yet to be extracted and exploited?
  • Is historic failure/problem data being actively listened to?

These are just some of the questions that need to be considered...

Above all, 'Keep it simple!' -  effective Business Intelligence gets the right data, to the right people, at the right time - with relevant actionable information that adds value, rather than just creating data overload or reports that will never get used.


Simple solutions to achieve Operational Excellence and Output Efficiency