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Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM) and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) have been extensively utilized and proven for Helicopters over the last 25+ years. Current HUMS deployments focus mainly on Military and larger civil helicopters – our product solutions will extend the reach of HUMS deployment to the broader light civil (and military) helicopter market with a new affordable, flexible and truly customizable IVHM/HUMS solution, which will be equally applicable to adjacent markets. We have solutions for both onboard and ground support equipment. Our vision is to introduce innovations to the way HUMS data is managed, allowing more flexibility in the way HUMS value is delivered, whilst also providing additional safety benefit. Our aim is to modernize HUMS solutions, keeping pace with current technology, with an easy to use interface and providing opportunity to utilize the technology no matter how small the asset. Applications for IVHM/HUMS technology range from Aerospace, Defence and Energy, to Land Vehicles, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Marine and Agriculture. Condition Monitoring (CM) generally is becoming increasingly more in demand, yet current solutions struggle to support a realistic business case, particularly for smaller installations and applications where no regulatory requirements are in place. Prism Nova has created a scalable and configurable new product concept, suitable for direct deployment across a range of different vehicles and machine applications, which offers and extends the key benefits of existing high end IVHM/HUMS products for an affordable price, enabling the full potential of these ground-breaking technologies to be achieved across a wider application area.