Trevor is a specialist Helicopter HUMS and Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) engineer with extensive experience in civil and military helicopter operations, from both an OEM and operator perspective. 

MEet The TEam

Prism - breaks something complex down into precise component parts.

Nova - new, origin or something that shows itself before returning to normal state.

Prism Nova -  find the origin of a problem by breaking a complex set of information down into its component parts. The principles apply equally all aspects of our services, whether it relates to the complexity of a mechanical failure, solving an engineering problem or to the intricacies of a developing business.

In summary: real focus, leading to real solutions with big bang impact…


Simple solutions to achieve Operational Excellence and Output Efficiency

RSL Project Solutions Ltd is a privately owned, independent Defence Project Management & Technical Consultancy, based in Salisbury, UK. They focus on Defence / Aerospace but also serve other related High-Tech Industries. They offer high-value Project / Programme Management and Technical Consultancy Support to UK Defence Primes, Engineering SMEs and Government Agencies.


CEO - Prism Nova LLC

George is an aviator with a wealth of experience in aerospace, data acquisition and condition monitoring, and expertise in both engineering & business development. George is a qualified pilot training instructor and has extensive hands-on helicopter experience from time served with the US Army.


CEO - Prism Nova Ltd

Steve is an engineer and strategist who has held various senior leadership, engineering and project management positions across a wide range of organizations – from SMEs to Global Corporates. He has been involved in the design and deployment of various generations of HUMS/IVHM and Condition Monitoring systems.


Senseye - provider of an infrastructure-free prognostics and condition monitoring solution to the manufacturing industry. Senseye provides an easy-to-use, online service that takes data from equipment, sensors and the environment to provide predictions and forecasts that keep businesses one step ahead. A new and fresh approach to machine diagnostics, prognostics and condition monitoring. Built on the latest advances in machine learning, it constantly learns, adapts and evolves with your business, automatically predicting machine failure.